A ticket sales and distribution company limits available tickets on their site to coerce users to buy

A few months ago I decided to buy a couple tickets for a local show. So I go to the website of a well known ticket sales & distribution company to select and buy the tickets. They select the seats for you, probably at random, display where they are located in the seat map and you choose whether to buy them or try for another two seats. You can repeat the selections a few times. After about 3-4 times, the same seats started showing up. I didn’t like the fact their selections were that limited and I was skeptical. I knew they have more seats. They was several days before the show started and there was no news that they were getting sold out. I know some websites which sell products or services resort to all kinds of gimmicks to get people to buy.  They can know whether you are the same person who visited the site earlier either by using your browser’s cookie or maybe even by your ip address. (I remember few years ago when Amazon was doing variable pricing for the same products and was caught). So I decided to try something.

I have access to several computers connected to the net. So I use another computer to repeat the process above and guess what? The seats being offered to me this time are mostly different than the ones offered just a few minutes ago from computer #1. Oh.. those d-bags. So they DO have more seats but they are limiting your choices so you don’t spend too much time on the site and they get you to purchase tickets faster. On computer #2, they started showing another set of seats again. Then I repeated the process with a third computer and got even more selections of seats. In total I had access to 4 computers and from their total selections I choose the best seats available to me.

It is annoying that these companies resort to these tactics in their business instead of providing more options to the user.

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