Size of Silverlight browser plugin should not be an issue

Once a while I hear/read about some people criticizing the size of the Silverlight plugin as if the size is a roadblock to its use. I don’t understand what the issue is. The size, about 6 megs, is comparable to Flash’s size yet I don’t hear people complaining about Flash’s size.  What is 6 megs in this era of drives whose capacity is measured in hundreds of gigabytes and terabytes? Most people have broadband and 6 megs is downloaded in a few seconds. The plugin is downloaded only once and unless there’s an updated version, hitting any Silverlight site will not re-download the plugin.

If you look closely at the types of sites that require Silverlight, they are mostly games and streaming video sites. The type of apps which require a lot of disk space and broadband connectivity in the first place. So these type of users won’t blink for a tiny plugin. If a user doesn’t mind downloading the Flash plugin, why should Silverlight be any different? The other type of Silverlight applications are the Line of Business ones used inside an organization where network connectivity is very fast.

So… people… there are lots of more important issues to worry about!

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