Pingbacks & Trackbacks should not be visible in your blog

Sometimes I encounter blog posts which have a long list of pingbacks and trackbacks in their comment section. I am not sure if visitors find them useful but personally I wish the blog owners would keep these to themselves instead of making them public and “polluting” the comments section. Specially more useless when every blog post has pingbacks from the same sources. It seems for some blogging software this feature is on by default and the blog owner doesn’t know or doesn’t care to turn it off. When I came across these linkbacks I feel like it’s someone repeating themselves. It’s the same text over and over again. Maybe the blog owner wants to tell us about how many sites link to his site. Why does he think we really care about this? Usability… not so great.

When one goes to a web page they don’t see a long list of sites which link to the web page so why do some people think it’s OK to do this for blog posts? If I want to find which sites link to a web page, Google can provide this information.


Some LinkedIn group owners need a slap for never taking an action on the their group’s join requests



I have sent some requests to join some LinkedIn groups and they have been waiting for approval for weeks. I am going to announce that these group owners are being inconsiderate. If you are a group owner who doesn't bother to look at these join requests, why are you moderating these requests then? Make the group public or delegate the approval process to someone who does have some time. I bring this problem up because LinkedIn allows a certain number of join requests before they block you from more group join requests. So now I have this queue of requests waiting for these group owners' approval. If there wasn't this limitation of requests, I wouldn't have mind but now I am just going to delete some requests to open up the queue and some of these group owners deserve my wrath for wasting my time!