B-Kam.com – Lots of Usability Issues

I learned about B_Kam.com, an Egyptian comparison shopping site, through an article on ArabCrunch. I decided to check it out. I wasn’t surprised to find many usability issues with the site.

If you are building a website, you should avoid these common mistakes:

  • Forcing iPad users to go to the mobile site version. I used an iPad to go to the site and the first thing I saw was a settings page which was developed using jQuery Mobile, a UI Framework for mobile devices. There was no option to use the full site version. When I chose English and hit ‘Save’, the page didn’t redirect. Treat iPad users as non mobile users. The iPad is not a mobile phone device or treated like one. It has a much larger screen. Many small netbooks have similar sized screens and no site treats them with mobile versions. A users should always be able to switch between the full (desktop) and mobile versions at will. Most smart phones have full browsers HTML5 capable browsers. The fact that a mobile version can have severe limitations where many functionalities are not present does not help.

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes. This shows poor quality and unprofessional look. You should have a QA person or a reviewer who checks every page and functionality and test as many edge cases as possible. The text in this dialog box has 3 issues.