BugAid, a Visual Studio debugger add-on. A quick review.




I spend a lot of development time in Visual Studio (VS) and I am a fan of using any product which increases my productivity and makes my work more fun. That's why I use products like Resharper, Tabs Studio & Mole 2010. These are commercial products I purchased. I also use some free add-ons like RightHand Dataset Visualizer which is the best dataset visualizer around. (Even though it's 35M! The author uses third party components which are packaged into a single dll)


Recently I came across a new add-on called BugAid from bugaidsoftware.com. It's an add-on for Visual Studio's debugger inline watch and adds some nice features to it. It's still in beta and this review is based on version 0.5.1206.6134_456.


Some of the features which BugAid adds:

  • Star important members. Show properties you're interested in at the top of the watch window including properties from base classes. More...

Make sure your 'Click Here' is actually clickable

This is a simple common sense tip but once a while I find a text "Click Here" on some web page and I try to click everywhere in the vicinity of that text and there's nothing clickable. I guess the web designer/developer forgot to add the link!

Here's an example from http://phillipsrelief.com/contact-phillips. Bayer , the maker of Phillips, is a global Fortune 200 company.


Nothing is clickable inside this box. I even examined the html behind this box. There are no hyperlinks.


A side note: another issue I found in the home page. A product has a tag promoting a $5 saving. Clicking on the product image brings up a page with more information about the product but nothing about how to save $5. Maybe it's in a sub page beyond the page but am I expected to check every page? I expect a more useful site from a respected global company.



No info on how to save $5.


My tip for easily creating a jQuery selector for any element in the DOM even if it doesn't have an id or style

I was working with the web ReportViewer in ASP.NET and I had a need to make it display in a certain way. This is a server control which, for the most part, behaves like a blackbox. It produces HTML which you have little control over. Before the Visual Studio 2010 version, the ReportViewer displayed incorrectly under non IE browsers. Even in VS 2010, it has some issues with non IE browsers. For example the ReportViewer toolbar displays in several lines under Google Chrome.

The HTML produced by this control is just huge and it seems to produce different HTML under different browsers. To fix some issues, I had to create some jQuery code to manipulate the HTML after the page renders.
I had to target some elements which are way way deep in the DOM hierarchy. Some of these elements do not have any IDs.

This is how you can target any DOM element regardless of their position in the DOM and whether they have an ID:

  1. Fire up Firebug in Firefox  More...